Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seasons in the sun

Mike & Munson at Lupiac (1)

We’ve been home for a week now and – catching up with sleep aside – it’s been a busy time. After restocking the refrigerator I got to work making batches of ratatouille and of cauliflower soup. Now I’ve got a few weeks’ worth of meal accompaniments squared away. The fruit, vegetable and herb plantings have gone well in my absence: I’ve made my first dill harvest and I can see peas, strawberries, and tomatoes are leading the pack against the blackcurrants, apricots, plums, aubergines, zucchini and capsicums.

The weather has returned to the mish-mash of rain and shine, cold and heat that we saw in early May – I had a cold and incipient hayfever then, both have returned but just at minor discomfit levels. Reclaiming the lawn from prairie status has been my other priority -  much of it will have to be done at least twice to get it back in order.

Today I’ve submitted my documents to renew my French visitor visa. I had to stop by a Trésor Public to buy some tax stamps to accompany my application. When asked for my name for the accompanying receipt, I say “Michael, comme Michael Jackson”. The clerk asked “and who might that be?” and giggled. So much more human than most of the bureaucrats I have to deal with! Alas, she still typed it up as Mickaël.
Mike & Munson at Lupiac (2)The happiest part of today was having my first swim of the season at Lupiac. Munson had a great canter around the lake, and when he took the plunge for about the twentieth time, I joined him for a half hour of splashing around. I think he’s forgiven me for leaving him home all morning while I shuffled and signed papers in Auch. Shaking himself dry all over my clothes was undoubtedly part of the reconciliation process.


  1. I am impressed your were able to get Munson in the water! Suka, also a Malamute, will not go near water unless it is hot out, and only then he will only go up to his belly - at most. He does not like water. My previous Malamute mix was the same way, wanted nothing to do with water. But snow, you can't keep Suka out of it!

    Great photos!

    K and Suka

    1. With Munson the issue is keeping him out of the water rather than getting him in. Most of my mals have been complete water babies. Bondi was reluctant at first as a pup, but all he needed was a good example. I picked him up and walked out into the water of lake Washington and held him for a moment. That was all it took to make him a water lover for life. They like it even better when I'm in there with them.

  2. Found your blog via Ravelry and have to say, it's a great read! Your pup is spectacular and I'm living life vicariously through your adventures!

    1. Welcome! The blog might slow down a little for a piece after that long roadtrip, but I hope we can find some adventure for you to enjoy.