Saturday, June 30, 2012

Too darn hot

Munson's barrel shade
Paraphrasing Cole Porter, I’d like to play outside with my pup tonight but it’s too darn hot.

After Wednesday’s 40C, the thermometer still had the energy to crawl up to 42 the next day. There was a slight breeze which took the edge off but I waited until it had fallen to about 30 before I took Munson for a long swim.

terrace roses P1090969

Unlike last year’s savaging of my garden, there’s been just enough rain and night-time waterings to keep every going on the terrace. My first roses have appeared and are thriving in their exposed position on the corner of the terrace. Some of the smaller succulents I planted managed to quadruple in size during my weeks in Sweden and continue to prosper. Elsewhere I have volunteer tomato plants growing out of the succulents, from my lemon tub, and even from dirt filled cracks in the terrace tiles!

In the smaller planting tubs, the lavender and mint have grown and blossomed, also lending some shade to hidden pockets of tomatoes, basil and rosemary. Late on Thursday night I was about to go to bed when I remembered that I should drench everything ahead of the following day’s heat, so spent about a half hour filling buckets and watering cans in my bathroom ( there’s no outside water source ) to cover about 20 linear metres of raised planters plus all the tubs, pots and hanging containers. About two minutes after I finished, a small shower of rain came from out of nowhere to duplicate my effort.

lavendar mint

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  1. We feel your pain although we didn't hit 40 -

    I termed our Friday night walk a snorkle - between the temp and the humidity - I swear I saw our air!