Thursday, July 26, 2012

Folies aquatiques

Munson afloatThe temperatures are in the high 30s still, which generally means I sleep badly and my whole day is out of kilter between late rising and trying to catch up with a nap.

I had too many errands to run today to lose them to sleep and it’s boring for Munson to stay in under those conditions, so we managed to squeeze in a lake swim as we completed the errand circuit.

Unfortunately about 30 seconds after I got into the water, my Canon D10 camera decided that it was no longer waterproof and the live image on the electronic viewfinder was replaced by a dead black square. It’s thirteen months since my little waterproof Olympus camera expired in the waters of La Concha at San Sebastian.

I’m trying to salvage it using the rice cure, but I’m not optimistic, and not happy either as it’s just under a year old. As to whether the warranty will be honoured, well let’s say that my experiences indicate that this will be made so difficult to pursue as to be a hopeless cause.

Munson of course was oblivious to all this fussing and had a particularly good hour in the water. I think he’s been trying to find a way to really play with me in these waters as he can only stand up very close to the shore. However he really likes it when I throw myself forward into the water and splash about with my arms. This brings out a bit of woo-wooing and enthusiastic leaping about. Let’s hope that I can get Canon service on side as easily.

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