Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mingling Brothers Circus

First customers

While it does seem as if we live on a landlocked island of idyllic pastoral pleasures, this is in fact a working cattle farm. Today was very special because less than two years after Brent, Jean and their brood of Munsoneers moved in and started building up a herd, they sold their first meat direct to customers.

Munson and I had been out for the afternoon helping a friend with tech problems ( there is no island where I’m safe from such requests ) and returned to find a couple of English guys waiting outside the main farmhouse. Jean told me that Brent was delayed at the butcher’s getting everything processed and boxed, so I went out to talk to the visitors. One vehicle after another started arriving, so I figured I needed to bring in the big guns and brought Munson over to mingle with the gathering throng. Some of the people had even driven from the Pyrenees just so they could get grass-fed beef! It became quite a jolly little gathering of both ex-pats and locals. We circulated through them to keep everyone happy until Brent could get there with their boxed orders. While I’m no good herding cattle, I did learn some good people herding skills when I worked a movie-theatre usher during my student years and for some time thereafter.

As you may have picked up from earlier posts here, Brent and Jean have become rather grass obsessed and you can read all about Brent’s thoughts on such matters first-hand at his grass punk blog. Jean’s account of the day is at Brat Like Me.

it's goood to live on a farmWhile grass-fed beef is a rarity in these parts, this is not a mootique operation, more of a farm-door vache-and-carry. Thanks folks, I’m here all night – try the steak – it’s local!

And best of all, Munson gets bones.

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