Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shake and Griff

Munson & GriffMunson was sitting outside the big house this afternoon, joined by two of the farm cats, Griff (in black) and Milkshake. Griff likes to rub himself all over Munson. I’m surprised there isn’t an electrostatic supernova when this happens.

Milkshake is rather more relaxed. So relaxed that he won’t play with Munson. This exasperates Munson so he lectures Milkshake in a tone somewhere between the lupine friendly bleat and an accusatory rumble, his tail wagging up and down like a pump handle.
Munson and Milkshake (Tosca in background)


  1. Haha--Milkshake says, "I boop your nose, Munson!" Munson responds with a raspberry!

  2. Those are pretty lucky kitties cuz at our house, they would be snacks! You are such a good boy Munson!