Friday, July 27, 2012

To market, to dance

Kizomba time
Vic-Fezensac’s Tempo Latino festival of Latin Music opened officially last night. This morning it has its regular weekly farmer’s market, which as good as excuse as any to see what was in store over the coming days. It’s the season for melons, plums, peaches and salsa.

As I drove into town I could see that the influx of visitors had begun with cars parked over every available footpath, tents pitched and caravans arranged in green spaces everywhere. The usual range of market stalls was enhanced by themed restaurants which had either taken over existing facilities, or which appeared from facilities boarded up for most of the year.

There were also full-service street restaurants already seating tables, such as the one shown below, specialising in food from the Antilles (i.e. Guadeloupe, Martinique etc) and Réunion. The latter is a French island east of Madagascar, which makes it one of the most distant parts of the Eurozone.

The menu on the right is for dance classes at a music restaurant tucked in behind the market’s flower stalls. From the schedule I could see that the first class was in progress, the Angolan Kizomba which
is a sensual dance which probably appeals to those who like to Lambada  although there is no close kinship between them.
Menu  Dance menu
D'Artagnan, Lupiac FêteI’m learning to play close attention to posters around the various towns I visit as that’s the best guide to upcoming events, although they don’t seem to be distributed more than 10-20km from their base.

It seems that in a few weeks, Lupiac will be hosting a fête to celebrate the 400th birthday of its most famous son, d’Artagnan. That’s one for the diary.

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