Saturday, September 01, 2012

August to September

To our considerable relief, August’s heat has been moderated with a few days of rain so that we’re sitting in a comfortable range in the low 20s and the nights dipping below 10C. Gustav and I have been alternately working outdoors, mowing the lawn and doing more pond-work, and hashing out possible plans for 2013.

Gers to Medina-Sedonia via SalamancaAhead of that time we will have about four waves of guests, and a trip to the south of Spain through the middle of September. We’re headed for a short stay in Medina-Sidonia in Andalusia, a very old city perched on a hilltop between Cadiz and Gibraltar. That’s a two day drive through western Spain which will finally take me south of Salamanca where I spent the month of October 2005. The return route is still to be decided – Madrid? eastern Spain? Portugal? …. suggestions?


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