Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tintin au lac du demi-requin

Munson post swim  Gustav and Munson

In the spirit of yesterday’s discussion of Tintinesque outings with animal companions – I know, I know, the story of my life – I took Gustav and Munson down to the lake at Lupiac for a late afternoon swim. While the summer temperatures in Sweden this year haven’t been remarkable, Gustav has only had the chillier waters of the Baltic to swim in. As you can see he followed my advice to have a good haircut before entering the Gascon heat and humidity – he’ll have plenty of time to resume beardiness-as-usual before winter sets in.

Gustav and Munson reacquaintedpaddle boat tourists
The lake was as busy as I’ve ever seen it, not just sun-worshippers and swimmers, but folk out in paddle-boats and kayaks. Munson wasn’t too sure what to make of the paddle-boat – they seemed very interesting at a distance, but he wasn’t going to engage with their passengers while he swam. One of them came in closer to shore to make his acquaintance at wading depth.

Lupiac lakeSome people were energetic enough to be doing laps of the lake, which is about 720m long. Munson was very alert to these swimmers as they went past – you can see him below right tracking one of them as they disappear into the lake’s woods-enshrouded western end. When I was checking the lake’s size on a map I noticed for the first time that its outline is quite like that of a decapitated shark.

Doctor Woooo  supervising the lap swimmers

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