Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tomato moon

Tomato moonTomatoes continue to pour forth from every plant on my terrace, the volunteer growths from floor cracks and my potted lemon tree being nearly as productive as those I actually planted in the big old armagnac barrel by my gate. They’re all small cherry tomato varieties, which I can either eat straight off the vine for a sun-warmed burst of flavour, or halved and peppered with a slice of brie.

oven-grilled fetta with olives and cherry tomatoes Making Gustav's day
There are too many to snack on at this rate, so we each found a recipe to take advantage of the continuing harvest. From Smitten Kitchen, the very easy to assemble baked feta with olives and cherry tomatoes was my contribution to a more sophisticated version of cheese o’clock.

Making Munson's dayAfter fifteen minutes in the oven, the kitchen is completely drenched in the smell of cheese and olives, the dish ready for dipping into with bread or forks.

Did I mention that my dog loves me very much when he has this sort of kitchen operation making even his nose drool.

Gustav followed up with his mother’s recipe for taco pie ( a la Gascogne ). This one’s even better cold the next day.

taco pie
Mike dizzy with taco pie

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