Monday, September 03, 2012

Koh-i-gnaw – mountain of bite

2012-09-02 Munson and big bone
Living on a cattle farm, there are those special moments when a dinosaur-sized bone arrives that is excess to requirement for Tosca (the farm diva dog).

Protocol demands that Munson inspect the left end, then the right end, then the middle.

And then, as if crossing the road, he checks the right end again, looks up to see if there are any competing diners in the area, and then finally picks it up to take it to the eating spot.
That eating spot is chosen precisely so that there is a slim view across the yard to where Tosca may be sitting and thus can see that he is eating. No bone is as precious as one that is withheld from another.

The eating is preceded with a tender licking of this precious bounty. After that we draw a veil across the rest of the meal.

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