Saturday, September 08, 2012

Lolling by la guinguette du lac au Lupiac

La guinguette du lac
The day before Vance & Mêmé flew out from London I messaged them to say it would be sunny and to bring their “cossies” as Australians refer to bathing costumes. If it had just been Vance then I would have suggested he bring his “budgie smugglers” which is one of my favourite colourfully succinct expressions from back home -  along with “shrapnel” for loose coin change, and the delightfully expressive “shady as a rat with a parasol”.

Mêmé Vance, corps par Cezanne
I brought them out to our Lupiac pleasure basin on Wednesday and they immediately fell in love with the place, demanding a return visit before they left on Saturday. I’d hope that the café would be open but it has dropped to shorter hours since the summer vacances officially ended. Gustav and I had lunch there last week with another friend visiting the area, which was when I discovered that the café La Guinguette du Lac is one example of the recent resurgence of (usually) water-side drink and dance venues that were very popular during the 1920s, although their history goes back to at least the early 18th century. The name comes from “a malicious light local green wine” known as ginguet. I noted they had a DJ or two playing last weekend, keeping the dance heritage alive, and probably providing a great blow-out event for those about to return to work.

Today we visited the Vic-Fezensac farmer’s market, collected an armful of baguette sandwiches and cold drinks from a boulangerie to spend the afternoon by the lake once again. The numbers on the beach have dropped off considerably since school resumed. Only last week there was almost nowhere to park; today we were one of four parties by the lake, all with a dog. Munson went off to play with a couple of them, the first time he’s had two playmates in a long time.

We went for a short walk along the edge of the lake so I could show our visitors the dammed end and get an idea of how the deep it would be. We missed the guinguette on our return, as it was closed for the afternoon, so had to find ice-creams at the little store in Belmont on the way home.
loco and lobo  lobo and muy loco

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