Thursday, September 27, 2012


Pyrenees (2)

We took Isabel and Calle for a drive around the area west and south of the farm to give them an idea of the landscape. They’d arrived by train at Agen just after sunset so missed a lot of the delightful drive south. Somewhere between Eauze and Vic-Fezensac I noticed that despite the generally overcast weather, we had quite a good view of the Pyrenees about 120km due south. Their highest point of the
range is Aneto at 3404m which is just across the border from Bagnéres-de-Luchon.

Strip-mining the portion of the photo with the mountains and resetting the contrast gives this little bit of magic. It seems that a small portion of Munson’s hair has settled in the upper reaches. I recommend good-quality hair tyres if driving through the Pyrenees this season.

Pyrenees accentuated crop

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