Saturday, September 15, 2012

SPAIN: Medina-Sidonia

fish-stew, sherry & GustavIt’s time for another day off from Andalucian side-trips, so we’re mostly hanging by the pool and reading. In lieu of wifi internet access I’ve been down to the local camera store which has a couple of computers, and plugged in my laptop to make bookings for our return journey next week. I’ve also done a survey of the supermarket to stock up on transportable foodstuffs (and cheap Spanish wine) to take back home: for instance brown sugar is almost impossible to find in our French supermarkets except in matchbox-sized expensive boxes, but here is sold almost in preference to the processed stuff.

Peter has refined his fish-stew recipe, and I quite sure will continue to do so after we’ve gone. I have a feeling that volume two of his cookery memoirs are well in hand.

another paella western in the making - where is Ernie Morricone?

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