Sunday, September 16, 2012

SPAIN: The owl and the malamute

The owl and the malamute (1)
The pool has a plastic owl that sits by the edge, rather similar to one we had in our backyard in Seattle years ago. I think it’s being used to ward off small birds that perch in the rafters and thus crap on the surfaces below (which happens on an upper level of the house staircase). As the pool has a shaded end with similar rafters, I think it’s doing a good job. Munson’s not so sure about it – I don’t know if he can extrapolate from kittens to free-range chickens to plastic raptors.
The owl and the malamute (2) The owl and the malamute (3)
Better to avoid such complexities and bask in the sun.
sun-lover (1)

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