Thursday, September 13, 2012

SPAIN: Prelude to the Rock

map to GibraltarOur final destination for the day is to be Gibraltar, which is less than an hour from Tarifa if you don’t stop to give ice-cream to your malamute. It’s somewhat longer if he wants to savour said ice-cream slowly.
GibraltarThe main conurbation around these parts is based around the city of Algeciras, whose name like Algiers derives from the Arabic Al-Jazirah or “the island(s)”. It’s one of the busiest ports in Europe but since I’ve got no shipping to do this week we sped on in search of a swimming beach.

Only a few minutes before reaching Gibraltar I saw a beach umbrella icon next to the name of one of the little village burbs along the bay and so we turned off to investigate. After some higgledy-piggledy turns and crossing a cobblestone bridge arch that was so pointy I thought we might get stuck at the top, we reached a sandy stretch off Puente Mayorga with a sprinkling of sunbathers and swimmers. There was a bit of a malodorous whiff from a nearby refinery but then the wind changed and everything was fine.

Gustav offers you Gibraltar photo bomb
After seeing yesterday’s pictures of Munson on the beach at Cadiz, it should be no surprise that he took off into the water here like a rocket. He also had quite a time making sand-angels on the shore. To be honest, a malamute’s behaviour on the beach is not far off its antics in the snow.

IMG_1727  IMG_1675
0  beached whalamute
I also offer this handy malamute / Rock of Gibraltar size comparison image.
Malamute:Gibraltar - handy size comparison

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