Friday, September 07, 2012

Terrace, plate and malamute

La Terrasse et l'Assiette
My friends Vance and Mêmé are visiting from Australia for a few days. They’ve been having a long and very energetic sojourn in Europe this summer, bouncing between friends and family in France and the UK.  In August they completed the two week Wainwright coast to coast walk  across England, so putting their feet up for a few days in the Gers is an ideal therapy.

The monster on the bus the lads from the back [Meme]
Vance made a solo visit in March and we tried to entertain him at the Lavardens Watchtower pub but it was closed for the season. It’s open now under a new name La Terrassee et l’Assiette and that is where we headed for lunch today. I was expecting it to be rather busy but were lucky enough to find a table allowing four humans and four paws under the fig trees in the entry courtyard. Slipping the same combination into my car (for the first time) also prompted Munson to head for the driver’s seat again. When we were all finally rearranged, Mêmé took the first recorded photo of “the lads” as seen from the rear passenger seat.
Mêmé, Munson, Gustav and VanceIt’s a long time since I’ve had a three course lunch with such a splendid local rosé to accompany. The wine obviously went to the heads of one pair…. but we walked it off with a short circuit of the village and then relaxed in the northern shadow of the château to admire the sweep of the Gascon terrain.
Lavardens eglise  Mêmé and Munson
Beggars relaxing  Gustav

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