Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Au coucher du soleil

Gascon sunset
It has just occurred to me that I didn’t know how to say “sunset” in French. “Dawn” I knew to be aube as a morning love song is an aubade, as opposed to a serenade which is traditionally sung in the evening. Twilight may be translated as aube naissante,  which is literally “emerging dawn”.

For the French, the sun goes to bed and gets up the next morning, giving sunset and sunrise as coucher du soleil, and lever du soleil.

I can feel the days shortening so quickly now. Despite having lived in the northern hemisphere (at what are high latitudes for an Australian) for about ten years now off and on, I still haven’t really gotten used to the big swings in daylight time.

As I came back towards the house after taking the above photo, Jean came rushing out of the house on some mad quest to take photos with her phone. So now we have a little picture of Gustav and myself à la brune (at dusk).
Mike & Gustav @ sunset
I’m not sure where she went after that other than to tend to the stove – but there are more pictures.
Lucy is skeptical
I was left talking with Lucy who is now so close to turning 10 that you can feel it in the air. I told her that her parents are going to give the Xmas concert this year instead of the Munsoneers*. Her skeptical look pretty much encapsulates all the glances I’ve had from her parents over the years.

*I’m not sure what happened to the post I wrote about the 2011 concert – it looks like several of last year’s Xmas posts have disappeared….hmmm.

Back at the house Munson was benefiting from the weekend’s farm beef sale day with a major meaty-bone project for the evening. I don’t think he noticed the sun going to bed.
Munson is busy

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