Thursday, October 11, 2012

Creature comforts

Steph & Munson (1)
While Munson has been quite happy to follow us around with Steph to sniff all those mouldy old forts, and animal-scented fields and ponds, most of her specialist knowledge has been rather over his handsome fluffy head. Until this evening that is, when he discovered she could scratch him in just the right places.

After that he shifted around to keep her company as she read the French bandes-dessinée Le Singe de Hartlepool, which tells the story of a French-uniformed monkey which survived a shipwreck on the shores of north-east England during the Napoleonic wars. The locals concluded that it was a French spy and executed it by hanging. While the story is dubious, its legacy continues to the present day with the mascot of the local football club being known as H’Angus the Monkey.

Munson in repose  Steph reading Le Singe de Hartlepool with Munson

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