Friday, October 26, 2012

If you can’t stand the rain, stay in the kitchen

I'll just be snoozing here until the next food-fall
We love the rain, loooooooove it, lurve it. The fields are greening again, our small vegetable patch has woken up, and the intermittent sunshine is even driving the growth of more tomatoes! But we can’t stand around all day outside admiring it and watching it trickle into the pond and slowly swell it back to its earlier breadth and depth.

As summer is shrugged off, the food palette changes and I’m trying out some new  recipes in the kitchen. The first of them was directly inspired by Ken’s XXX recipe for GâteauX auX pruneauX ie prune cakes. I’ve also realised that the prune keyword on Ken’s blog suggests some further savoury adventures.

ring of prunes  slice of gateau aux pruneaux
Luckily I had a silicone kugelhopf mould – which I’d bought years ago and never used. Today it got lucky, playing host to this very easy concoction.  If you’re going to live so close to the centre of the pruniverse, then you have to take advantage of such a plum position.

There have been a few surprises too. When Steph was staying with us I made a chicken casserole in the slow-cooker, and threw in a few dried chillies to lift it a bit. Then I used the stock from that as a base for my next pumpkin soup … let me just say that as tasty and warming as that was, it was a purifying experience. Chilli can pass through the circle of life without losing its potency.

The next surprise was more short-lived. I was reaching for some tongs from one of the draining pots over the sink, and as I was about to wield it over another dish, I realised that there a small green frog sitting in its jaws. This is the third one we’ve had in the house recently, even the frogs are getting out of the rain.
not enough for frogs' legs
Today I experimented with using the slow-cooker as a dry oven by roasting a chicken in it. I found a recipe for green olive and lemon chicken in an Australian Women’s Weekly recipe magazine in Amsterdam a few months ago. That worked out very well, and I added a dish of potatoes dauphinoise to serve with them. Neither required very much work and have given us enough for two meals.

PA250747  PA250750
Dishwasher in hibernation mode


  1. Uh oh - got any spare wellies?!!

    1. Indeed we do! Does that mean you'll be volunteering for pond dredging?

    2. I'm really more suited and eager for some aggressive and strenuous ikebana and Malamute grooming...

  2. Anonymous1:45 am

    Don't come the raw prune with me, sport

    Ross & Meep