Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lick or treat

They're altogether ookieThis is my 11th Old World October and this is the first time I’ve had Halloween callers. In Seattle I’ve had the bowl of goodies ready for trick-or-treaters but no one ever showed up. This time all the horrors of hell came crawling out of the haunted mansion across the way and presented themselves at my kitchen door. At 8pm sharp, by prearrangement.

You heard me. I'm going to turn you into a frog  A present for Munson

I'm a zombie with clean fingernails
Being a  good host I allowed them to cross the threshold to hear what evil deals they had to offer. I figured they couldn’t be worse than French telemarketers, although at least those could be shocked into silence with a single English sentence “Hello, who is this?” This lot would be harder to exorcise.

Munson was a bit wary of the highly decorated and dressed-up Munsoneers – until their treat baskets started to fill. I began by offering them a clove each from the one and only garlic bulb harvested from my garden this year. That didn’t impress, but two out of three did accept a prune (the treat with a delayed trick bwahahahaa). After Lucy threatened to turn me into various forms of amphibian or rodent, I finally relented and made suitable offerings of candy.

Witch Lucy exorcises Munson's head tremor  Yes I'm 7, does this behaviour surprise you?Ghostly emanation or waving-sword?  Another candy or I take his head off. Please.

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