Friday, October 05, 2012


MuffineersI just bought a 25kg sack of einkorn wheat flour from a nearby farm and used that to make a loaf of zucchini bread plus a few batches of muffins.

Muffineers & pumpkinApart from this old wheat strain being higher in protein and other goodness than modern (post green revolution) wheat varieties, our informal testing on the farm has indicated that our appetites are sated with much less than with regular flour. There’s far less of a blood-sugar surge or desire to eat more goodies, so we get a tasty treat without paying so heavily for it afterwards.

I sent a tray of muffins over to milord and 'erladyship just in time for dessert.

Lucy, the senior muffineer, pronounced them dee-LISH-us! She was less impressed when I asked if her fingernail paint colour was “electric snot”.

Otto, Zelie & Lucy

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