Monday, October 08, 2012

The week of our guest

Steph presents Munson with new toy  0
This week I’m delighted to have a guest whom I haven’t met in person before, but have corresponded with over recent years, the writer Steph Swainston. I recently suggested that a farm break down here would suit her as it’s well situated in a landscape of great natural and historical interest. And so we have her for the week on her first vacation in three years.

Around the time that Munson joined the family she sent me a note to say that she had some “huge white avalanche dogs” appearing in her forthcoming book Above the Snowline (2010). Although Munson is more of a “have a lunch” dog, she’s brought him a new squeaky toy, a gloriously pink hippopotamus that I’ve dubbed Cthulhippo as it’s in the same ribbon-tentacled family of Kong wubba friend toys as the furry foxtopus and the recently desqueaked squiddly-bear.
Steph plays with Munson

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