Monday, November 12, 2012

Fur gras

54.8kg =120.8lb

I had to drop some paperwork off with the vet this morning and took the chance to weigh Munson. He’s come in at just under 55kg (120lb), which is 10kg more than when he arrived in over France two years ago. At 4½ he’s just hitting his maturity in both frame size and learned conversation.

2 months 8.8kg
3 months 14.5kg
4.5months 26.5kg
6 months 32.7kg
8 months 37.3kg
11 months 43.5kg
40 months 49kg
55 months (now) 54.8kg
For comparison, I’ve checked through the blog for earlier recordings of his weight to put this into perspective. In the last 4 years since he was 7 months his weight has only increased by about 50%. It’s that first year that’s crazy for growth, and without knowing a lot about the genetics of his ancestors, difficult to predict where he’ll top out height or weight wise.

Because of the pattern of coat growth and shedding, it’s not easy to judge the size at a distance. You can easily feel around his ribs to confirm he’s in good health - and long may that continue.

I was rather surprised to note that Bondi was very close to the same weight at this age, despite having a larger frame. It took him much longer to fill out over the succeeding years.



  1. Ah yes -

    Malamute and Siberian comparison -

    Khyra was just to the vet Monday night and her read out was 44# -

    It takes a 'few' Khyra's to make a Munson

  2. Goodness, I have a mal and he's positively wan next to Munson, only weighing about 90 lbs. And yet, he still looks huge! All that fur, I guess. :)

    1. That would make him breed standard size. Funnily in 14 years of mal raising and travelling, I've never seen an adult mal that was breed standard size. They've all been bigger.

      Munson is still my 'little dog'.