Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sausage and bone

Munson & Peter

After Munson’s weigh-in we stopped by for a midday sherry & snack with our friend Peter. It’s hard to believe it’s already two months since our time in Spain with him. Today was our last chance to catch up with him for a few months while he spends time with family and friends further abroad. Peter got his required dose of Munson and Munson was spoiled with slivers of sausage.

Munson & Peter - paw shake

watching for Tosca 

Later that afternoon we unearthed an especially large bone for him from the freezer. If he appears less than directly interested with it in the first photo, it’s because he’s looking over my shoulder to see if Tosca the farm’s golden retriever is visible so that she can be appropriately jealous.

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