Monday, November 05, 2012

Snood Dog

Snood dog (4)  Snood dog (1)

caught in the actI crept away for a bit of me time today. Our guest roster increased by one last night when my friend Terry arrived from Sydney by way of his current trek through Thailand, Pakistan, Morocco and Spain. When he’s not making or teaching art back home, he’s on the road visiting places where even malamutes do not dare. His first question after I picked him up at the Auch railway station last night, was do you have real coffee? So now that I’m pulling five espresso coffees every time I’m directed to stand in front of the Vibiemme, we’re going through beans like crazy.

With everyone placated with a cup of java, I escaped from the sound of frothing milk to my study to quickly finish off a circular scarf or snood that has been lying around for a few months.

I thought Munson should be the first model for this  one. I’m not sure if he entirely appreciated having a second ruff but he was a patient clothes-horse for this photo shoot.
Snood dog (2)  Snood dog (3)

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  1. 'My grandmother, what big eyes you have...'


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