Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A dog in Toulouse

outside the chocolateria

We saw Gustav off at the airport at 2pm and I quickly did a final round of city grocery shopping for the month, especially targeting spices and Asian ingredients that fall outside traditional French cuisine. I really wish I had the pantry room which was so under-utilised in one of my childhood homes as my store-cupboard is beginning to sag under the weight of dry and tinned provisions.

I thought it would be convenient to pick up some things at the Marché de Noël in the centre while it wasn’t packed with the evening crowd, but everything interesting I’d spotted last week was now either gone or the stall-holder had a case of lundi-itis. Munson still had a great time sniffing out the city and talking to – OK at – the many animatronic bears in store windows. Mid-afternoon I had one of those conversations with someone who has decided that Munson is too big to be a malamute and therefore must be a husky … which is a much smaller breed. I’m not sure if that is more frustrating than those who believe the only way you can have a big dog is if it’s descended from a Saint Bernard. Smile and keep moving …

santa lilla björn


  1. Juneau loves bears! He'll absolutely freeze and watch if one comes on the television. It's quite comical to watch.

    1. I had a great picture of Munson and this bear set up and then someone came over and tapped me on the shoulder to ask if they could take the same picture ... which of course spoiled the shot by distracting Munson. This happens very often.

      We've been watching some of the programs celebrating David Attenborough's 60 years of documentary-making, and there's always something there for Munson to enjoy.