Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ben and Munson’s bromance

Munson & Ben

Today was Ben’s last day with us before shuttling back to London for the next gig’s rehearsals. He’s been working hard on Brahms’ first piano concerto while staying with us, but given how frequently Munson had his head under the piano stool, it may as well have been Brahms’ Lullaby.

Munson has really been digging all these visitors in recent months – so many more plates to lick, and both Gustav and I wind up the cooking and baking output for them. He will be sorely disappointed next week when Gustav takes off for a month of Swedish yuletide.

We’d hope to deliver warm weather for Ben’s stay but we got quite the opposite – a trough of cold weather and subzero nights. The sun came out occasionally but didn’t hang about. All good reasons for hanging in front of the fire with coffee and Gustav’s most recent carrot cake.

Brahms' lullaby concerto Ben's lullaby
I finally got my Australian paperwork signed after being rebuffed last week. The signing took less than two minutes, the supporting act to an eight minute lecture on “les habitudes des [nations] anglo-saxons”. I’m guessing that comprises Germany as well as it’s the third of the EU’s “procedural” languages along with French and English. There was much regret expressed that the other EU member states did not use French for their international affairs. I could only bite my Anglo-Saxon tongue and smile until I could get my signed and stamped paperwork to safety.
Cheese and sausage o'clock When did you crawl on to the back of my lounge?

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