Monday, December 10, 2012

Cantique pour le marché

Gustav & Munson - Munson is the less hairy one for a change
Fourcès is one of the most distinctive villages in the area and it’s always a pleasure to visit when there’s some social activity in its central square. Today it’s the Xmas market which we enjoyed so much last year.  As we crossed the old bridge I saw that the recent rain has really swollen the banks of the river Auzoue. I’d be hoping that some of the nearby buildings are well waterproofed.

Fources Xmas market
We didn’t get the strange Doors medley over the PA system this year – it was more of a long series of unnecessary live adverts for the stalls around the square. When you’re no more than thirty seconds from each and every stall, and will inevitably do many laps past them, there’s really not much point in having the announcer rattle on as if there undiscovered treasures around every corner. Relief came with some crackly old recordings of Xmas carols were played, notably the first time I’ve heard anything sung in French at these winter markets. First under the needle was O Holy Night, ie a real French carol: Cantique de Noël with music by Adolphe Adam, familiar to balletomanes as the composer for the ballet Giselle.  Unfortunately this rendition wasn’t sturdy enough to dislodge either Bing Crosby or Cartman’s versions from my aural memory.

Overall there was less going on than at last year’s event, but the clear skies were a great comfort as we sat beaneath the bare-limbed plane trees sipping our vins chauds. I spoke to a few acquaintances while Munson handled his own meets and greets, and supplied the wooosical accompaniment for his malamute ballet.

the equine version of the malamute I don't know why I'm sitting like this

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