Saturday, December 15, 2012

Marché de Munson

Especially Munson  Espace Saint Michel - Marché de Noël

It has been bloody cold all week, so we’ve been be-rugged and be-slippered indoors before the fire most days. Today surprised us not only with a 5-6C lift but also some sunshine. Through the middle of the day I took Munson to Condom to view the Xmas market in what is called Espace Saint Michel. I thought that might just be outdoor area as no address was listed – it’s quite common in the Gers for such public buildings to be simply addressed with the town and nothing more – but it turned out to be a small deconsecrated church.

From the moment we reached the entrance, Munson owned that place, and it doesn’t hurt to be told how sage and bien élevé he is. A little bit of high-fiving hand-to-paw goes a long way. I was asked several  times if he was a chien de traîneau du Père Noël (sled dog for Father Christmas). Bien sûr!

The red panels at the end of the espace are a small exhibition of old photos of Condom. It made me wonder how many digitised photos from today will be available for public viewing in future times.

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