Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Munson the pink-nosed reindeer

Santa Claws
Last night I went over to the big house for champers and cheer with my French family. Lucy and Minty put on their Xmas eve show, not as long as last year’s but their vocal performances have grown more confident and polished.

the gang
The only clothing I have to go with my Santa hat is my Welsh football jersey, which earned me a lot of interrogation from Otto as to what “Cymru” means.
Michael and Zelie
Jean prepared a roast veal for us all on Xmas day, and I contributed a gratin of brussels sprouts which came off rather well.  POSTSCRIPT: The leftovers make an excellent accompaniment to scrambled eggs.

I had made vague plans to join Gustav in Sweden for Xmas this year, but the costs of driving up and back for a second time this year put it outside the budget. Nonetheless I’m very glad to have shared a third Gascon holiday season with my funny French farming family.

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