Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pyrenéan peak-a-boo

Pyrenées from 150km
We’ve had the most amazingly clear views of the Pyrenées today, nothing quite like it in the two years we’ve been on the farm. With clouds over our patch of turf, but sunshine over the mountains accentuating every patch of snow, the usually formless ridge was now exposed in great detail. On a good day I can see them across my terrace and the pond while still lying in bed, but it’s not easy to get them in focus. Stepping outside the house, away from intervening trees, I captured this view down our driveway to the peaks 150km beyond.

Click on the image above to get a much higher resolution picture than I generally publish. It’s 6000+ pixels wide so you should be able to zoom in still further.

A little closer to home, I was over at the big house (it’s like a juveline version of Sing Sing) when the two youngest members of the family piled into my lap. Minty always tries to own the space in front of the lens, while Zelie just wants to take over any touch screen. Put them both in front of a touch phone camera and anyone else recedes further into the background than our distant mountains.
Minty, Mike & Zelie (1)  Minty, Mike & Zelie (2)

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  1. Bram Osborne5:11 am

    When we had a week in Mielan July 11 all we had was a week of overcast and rain, just one morning we had a similar view, took a 2 hour drive to Canfranc (well worth it) to experience them properly!