Monday, December 24, 2012

So this is Xmas weather?

Two days to Xmas and it’s warm enough (16C) to be out in t-shirt and shorts. Munson not so much, but I can leave the door ajar at night for him without worrying about a chill. The sun’s warmth never feels so good as on supposedly wintry days like these. 

Two years ago I was pulling up vine posts for firewood from several of the fields behind me. There’s still plenty of firewood left, but I’m not using much this week as even the nights have been mild. Poor Gustav has been suffering back home in Sweden where it’s about fifteen degrees cooler. In lieu of vine-posts for daily exercise I’ve brought out my hoe to do some thistle and bramble clearing on our rounds.
back of farm
It’s projected to get a little warmer still in the days ahead. Even if the skies stay as clear as Sydney at Xmas  it helps to stave off the winter blues.

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  1. Ah, lucky you. We won't be donning shorts and t-shirts for quite some time. Although it's been mild here, too, it's not as warm as your neck of the woods. Enjoy!