Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Factory

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One of the interesting stalls I saw at Auch’s Marché de Noël on Sunday was a collection of recycled and reinvigorated furniture from a local cooperative  Valoris. From their garbage collection and recycling activities, they operate the ressourcerie La Fabrique workshop.
2012-12-19 Auch
In the workshop I saw a few kitchen cabinets which I wish I’d seen two years ago when I was furnishing the house here. The flat-pack cabinet that I bought at Conforama may be the most complicated piece of kit that has ever travelled the route from Auch to Vic-Fezensac, along which fuselage-sized Airbus parts travel regularly. While I can put almost anything from IKEA together very quickly, the last time I saw anything like this cabinet’s parts list and exploded assembly diagram was when I visited the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington.

La Fabrique did look a bit like my lounge during the three days it took me to put together the Conforama nightmare, albeit without my blood and tears as garnishing. They are however a lot more creative with the raw materials. There were some small figures made from metal and glass at the Xmas market that I really liked but they had already been sold. The “robot lamp” below is another witty piece.

robot lamp

I had a good poke around the workshop and found a small item that hadn’t already been sold, but I will check back with them in a month or so to see what else they’ve conjured up from scrap.

The Ressourcerie may be found at 21 Rue de Repos, 32000 Auch (across the road from the cemetery). They’re open to the public on Wednesday afternoons 2-6pm, and Saturdays 9-12 & 2-6.

Munson entertains the factory artisans

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