Monday, December 10, 2012

The inverted snuggle

morning calisthenicsMunson woke me this morning with a tap on the bedroom window – from the outside of course – he’s been ruggedly sleeping through the subzero conditions on the terrace recently. I let him in from a side-door that won’t allow too much heat exchange with the outside and then he throws himself on the bed and snuggles furiously between warm bodies. Or more often just beside one warm body as he beats me back to the bedroom and takes up my place on the bed. At some point between launch and landing he flips himself onto his back and wiggles back and forward as if to rub the cold off his fur. For the rest of the somewhat milder day he’s likely to stay inside, curled up on the sofa or bed – no middle ground between extreme cold and extreme comfort.

My first glimpse of the outside world today seemed to indicate a small snow-fall, but it’s just frost making a grey-green carpet of grass from here to the sunward horizon. The real deal may come as early as Wednesday which would be a big advance on our last two French winters.

For Gustav the story is a little different – he’s flying back to Sweden for a few weeks with family and friends. The snow there started weeks ago, with temperatures in Skåne as low as –15C. When I flip between the weather forecasts on my phone, I nearly get frostbite on my finger when I hit the page for the Ängelholm area. If I add the temperatures for Sweden to the temperatures for Australia, I usually get something around my local temperature :-). Until New Year I get Munson’s Xtreme snuggles all to myself.


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