Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snowdust and sunbeams

almost snow

Snow is beginning to fall across France, but we have just a small dusting which has come at the end of a week of solid rain. Our pond has refilled and overflowed at one end, and we can now see other ponds lying like silvery beads in the lower fields.  Friday was much colder, and that brought us ice rather than snow. While Sydney suffered under its hottest recorded day ever (46C or more), we awoke to the sound of the large terrace parasol crashing to the ground under the weight of ice.

This small hint of snow – the first seen in a year  - suffices to excite Munson for a few breathless laps of the yard and then it’s back to the hearth and a nap under a short brilliant burst of midday sun. I’ve just made a batch of biscotti and squeezing this post in while the loaves cool before being toasted for afternoon coffee time. À bientôt.Munson

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