Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The scene of the crime


Munson got an extra large pair of bones for dinner last night as I didn’t have room to stuff them into my refrigerator. All well and good, except for the security issues involving in guarding them against scavenging cats. Even when Munson is inside in the evening, he’s alert to the sounds of bone scraping against stone and dropping down the steps.

In the photo above, Munson is looking out the gate to Tosca who has sent in Greycute to grab something. It’s a bit of a Fagin / Artful Dodger relationship between that pair, and as Munson checks one set of bones, Greycute dances around behind him. Finally I take pity on Mistress Tosca and toss her one of the bones and she withdraws.
Tosca at the gate  Greycute
what is this writing doing in the corner?

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