Tuesday, January 08, 2013

We haz presenz finally

G-STAV Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time
Gustav is back home from Niflheim Sweden at last, de-bearded after a frankly scary few days when the beard had been half-shaved to leave a kind of biker/Rapunzel ‘stache.

I had asked that we not exchange Xmas gifts until his return, because I needed those four weeks to knit up the G*STAV sweater you see before you. I just had time  to sew it all up yesterday and have a couple of minor tidy-ups to do as well as adding buttons. It’s just as well I took the needles and wool down to visit Claire last week so I could make some progress on the collar.

Gustav gave me something that’s been on my Xmas wishlist for a while now – a Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time apron. Rib Ragu coming up, bitches – someone is G*starving.

Munson’s present was having the natural order restored: now he’s back to two plates per meal to lick.

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