Thursday, January 10, 2013

Where’s the cheese?

Even when Munson has a pile of bones to chew on that are comparable to Smaug’s pile of gold, the promise of a smidgen of cheese trumps them all. And any good dog figures out after a while that humans do not compete with them for the food on the floor, so they may as well chase whatever’s hovering around at human finger level.

So even with Munson crunching through bones outside, his ears are still sensitive enough to hear cheese being unwrapped inside. Moments later he’s hovering outside the kitchen door, peering in to see exactly what he’s being deprived of.
P1120598  P1120596
To round off, some cheesy grins from our weed-whacking walk around the farm this afternoon.
Munson & Gustav  The cheese is in the grin

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