Saturday, February 02, 2013

An American, an Aussie and a Swede walk into an Irish bar in France

Jegun Irish pubIt’s “Nurses’ Night” at the Irish pub in the village of Jegun. We’re not going to the pub because of that, although it did induce a lot of speculation as to what it meant. Would it just be some lonely locals standing around nursing a pint of Guinness, or would there be a large screen showing Carry On films with matronly Hattie Jacques scrubbing up patients under the watchful eye of Leslie “You’re in Hufflepuff. Ding-dong!” Phillips?*
Carry On Nurse Carry On Again Nurse Carry On Matron
Jean is off to Jegun to meet some of the assortment of locals and expats who’ve bought the farm’s beef produce in recent months. Gustav and I are joining her for moral support while Brent has an early night, and if not moral support then we can at least find a punchline to the joke we were enacting.

I’ve been through Jegun numerous times, usually en route to Lavardens or other towns, but never stopped to look around. We arrived at half past nine, quickly locating the one lighted venue on the narrow main street, the bar door by a large cloistered area which also hosts the entrance to the bar’s bed and breakfast.

The interior is small, and we’re greeted in French and English by the owner Michael who comes from near Cork in Ireland by way of Boston USA. Jean and Gustav order beer, and I ask Michael to select a whiskey for me. I’m very pleased with the Kilbeggan, deriving from the world’s oldest distillery in County Westmeath. I had a very memorable stay in that area in 2006, and if I can get back there again, I’ll have an extra stop to make.
I spent a lot of the evening talking to Dan, a builder from east London who’s either lived in the area for 25 years, or been in the bar that long. The rest of the crowd seemed to be French, but we didn’t see any of the nurses until we left just after midnight as they had turned up late from a restaurant. No sign of Hattie Jacques or Shirley Eaton in the crowd.

* I guess we’ll never get a Carry On Hogwarts

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