Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beware of freaks bearing gifts

Cooking pot menI won’t attempt to explain how this came about, but let me say that when Brent snapped some of these pictures in his kitchen, his first thought was of his poor wife Jean sitting in a doctor’s waiting room at that time with a case of pink-eye. So texting this picture to her was just what was needed. Even if she tore her eyes out in response, it would have made her feel better.
P2111642 P2111633 P2111635
After a few hours of sleeting rain, we finally had our first snow of the season. It didn’t last very long but at least Munson had a small reminder of the extra weather options he’ll be missing out on back in Australia.

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  1. Jean has posted a better(?) picture of our Creuset Couture at http://bratlikeme.com/2013/03/11/the-kettle-calling-the-pot-cassis/