Friday, February 22, 2013

Final market day in Vic-Fezensac

P1120702-3_stitch sunriseAs the days to our departure tick by, I cherish each sunrise from the terrace, the contours of the rickety open shed where the firewood is stacked, the reflections of trees in the pond, cleaned around and within.
P1120704-11 pond

It’s our final Friday and thus the last market day in Vic-Fezensac we’ll see until who knows when. It’s not a particularly busy day down there today, the sunshine belies the fact that it’s too early in the season for plentiful fruit and veg and fewer markets stalls means lower attendance.
P1120718 P1120731P1120725-7_stitch tea stall
Gustav stocks up on memories
Today I’m wearing a beret out for the first time. It’s actually one I bought in Florence years ago, but as I’m not really a great hat wearer, it’s lain idle in a basket full of beanies and baseball caps. Time has forced a final photo opportunity before the rotunda in the main square.

The afternoon was spent at the house of our friends Chris and Emmy – Chris’ last chance for me to wave a wand over his various computer and hifi connectivity problems. We’ve had internet and phone restored on the farm since Wednesday. En route to the concert at Toulouse we stopped at the Orange (French Telecom) store in Auch to return our modem and TV decoder box. As I was standing at the counter handing over the equipment, I got a call from Jean to say that everything was working again, and the fact that she was calling from the house demonstrated it. Brent tells the story of how the problem was located and addressed over on his Grasspunk blog – I definitely recommend reading it, as it’s a story that could only happen in rural France.

It wasn’t worth us retaining our equipment for another week when we could surf off our neighbours’ wifi, and it would definitely save a half day next week when we were *really* busy.

Our drive back from Chris and Emmy’s gave us a nice final sunny view of the chateau at Courrensan, a few minutes’ shy of turning back up the farm’s long white winding drive.
Courrensan farm entrance, looking south

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