Monday, February 04, 2013

Frabjous day

Minty stalked by Candyshop
I was only going to pop out of the house for a moment, when I saw Lucy and Minty picnicking on the grassy verge. Delighted screams of “Michael!” ensued so I went to join them on this ridiculously mild winter afternoon. They were feasting on cornichons, cheese, coleslaw and marshmallows as is the habit of les jeunes filles. A little further down the road, dozing under a green and white polka-dotted umbrella one could find Otto, tired out from his 8th birthday yesterday.
Lucy and Minty  P2031444  P2031439

shy Minty the chasm of cutness - twixt Minty and a Hello Kitty dollMinty, Mike and Lucy
a spoonful of Minty Milkshake eludes Otto
Gustav & Milkshake  Minty encore
Gustav came out to investigate. Otto woke up and ran over to show Gustav a tree full of bugs. Milkshake the cat runs to Otto’s spot to look for food. Otto runs back, trying to avoid having his photo taken. Ten minutes of Fellini meets Benny Hill follows as Lucy and Minty try to corner Otto for a photo. Cats are confused as to why the stupid humans are darting around in the long grass. Can Milkshake be trusted not to eat Otto’s snacks? Can Gustav be trusted with the mashmallows? Will I miss these impromptu get- togethers?
P2031498  P2031508

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