Monday, February 25, 2013

In which Munson has mixed feelings about haulage

Munson supervisesOur moving vans – plural – arrived at about 11.15am, just as I was sealing the last boxes. I had been expecting one trailer with the container for efficient loading, but the movers changed their plans without consulting me, and everything will be taken back to their depot in Devon for final wrap and shipment.

It didn’t take long to get everything onto the vans, even with time out for a hearty lunch provided by Mme Jean at the big house. The piano took a little bit of shuffling between vans but otherwise everything went smoothly.

The  funniest moment of the exercise was when Munson discovered that his beloved sofa was now sitting high up in the front of one of the vans. Having sniffed it out, it was essential that he resume his accustomed position on it:
Munsons hunts for the sofa
Unfortunately poor Muffin got stuck a little bit further up and in than shown above and couldn’t back out, so had to be rescued.

By mid-afternoon the vans had gone, and we retreated to the fireplace, in front of which I’d stationed some of the furniture which wouldn’t be journeying with us. The chaise longue had never found a room in my Sydney home that was expansive enough to accommodate it, so it deserved to stay out its days here with its fellow meubles, enjoying views through les fenêtres françaises. The vacuum cleaner, for obvious reasons was going to enjoy not accompanying Munson’s hair back to Australia.
Everyone is sad: Gustav, Munson and the vacuum cleaner
Why the long chair?Tonight would be spent with excess linen in the guest room, whose furniture had also been donated to the maison. We took some final out of focus pictures of us before the fire. It’s all I have to share, so please squint and treat them as hazy memories of a long ago adventure.
P2251854 P2251853

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