Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Internet down and out

Munson's glassed-in fansOur internet and phone connection has been out for 24 hours. It’s not uncommon for us to have an outage of several hours every other week (or more frequent electricity losses) so there was no point calling it in immediately. Both houses on the farm were affected at the same time, but that doesn’t stop the Orange support operators from insisting that we check our modems, and repeatedly warning us to check internal phone plugs. They don’t seem to get it that the “entire street” as it were is affected. Anyway they won’t send anyone out for another two days which is very frustrating given the amount of paperwork I need to download and print to cover moving issues in three countries, not to mention the hassles of banking and trying to talk to contacts in a wildly different time zone without a land-line. Job hunting on a small screen is no fun either!

Gustav and I took Munson into Auch for a final big grocery shop. While my phone at least has access to a flaky 2G internet connection, he has none so we paid a trip to McDonalds for a course of wifi and yes we’ll have coffee and fries with that. Although sitting outside, Munson garnered young fans through two glass walls, entranced with every move. It sure beats looking at cyber kitty pictures.

Back at home, after many magical incantations I finally persuaded iTunes to transfer two PDFs from my phone to the PC. It got its revenge by deleting 38 applications as it couldn’t get approval from Apple for the computer and phone to talk to each other. I had to visit friends with a proper internet connection in order to get my phone back into an operable state, that alone taking hours of extra work before I could even proceed with more pressing tasks. It’s alarming how many internal household wifi communications will not work unless each device also has an internet link. It’s like having to get every private conversation approved by some Big Brother server in California.

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