Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kiwis bearing gifts

Munson and the pink quadrapus
Gustav’s friend Hugh (a Malmö-based New Zealander) is our last guest on the farm. I last saw him in May when we drove to Sweden for his 50th birthday bash. He’s not only brought the first sunny weather of the year but delivered a new pink rubber octopus (a quadrapus really as there are only 4 tentacles) for Munson to have fun with. He’s given it a good shake but was rather surprised when the rubber balls at the end of the tentacles swung back and clobbered his head. This particular beast is going to require more thought.
Cosmos - we are made of star dustAfter a few indoor plays it’ll be washed in disinfectant with the rest of his doggy paraphernalia so it can be packed for the trip to Australia. All of his toys will seem like new again when they’re next seen.

Some of my dusty DVD cases will need a good clean as well. Gustav has made a pointed commentary on how we’re all at home as cosmic creatures of star-dust. Carl Sagan would be proud.

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