Friday, February 15, 2013

Maximum three weeks

No internet? ever??A technician from Orange arrived from Bordeaux at lunchtime to fulfil our service request from two days earlier. Not unexpectedly he had been told it was an interior house issue, and not the external multi-house problem I’d reported. He cheerfully went to the final terminal post for the two houses and reported that there was no signal. Completely dead.

After some investigation he found that it was a problem with the underground line – somewhere in the next kilometre up to the post. The line was very old and in a very poor state and had probably failed as a consequence of the wet conditions we’d been having for weeks. It also explained why our internet speeds were never much better than advanced dial-up and never approached the broadband rates we paid for.

The tech said that it would take up to three weeks for a team to return with equipment to find the point of failure. It almost certainly wouldn’t be fixed before we left in two weeks. He said that Brent needed to get his house number onto the service dossier as the service call would be cancelled when I closed down my Orange account.

The tragicomedy continued when Brent called Orange to do just that, and the operator not only refused to add him to the current issue dossier but also made him go through the rigmarole of checking his house’s modem, even though the tech had confirmed it was an underground cable problem. Since there is no cellular signal inside the house, trying to do a service call on a mobile phone that needs to be fifty metres from the modem to be any use is not very practical.

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