Friday, February 22, 2013

Moving tales

Munson in the rubble
Here we are again. Piles of boxes everywhere – the same boxes as everything came here in as I was lucky enough to have plenty of dry storage space. There’s a lot of well-travelled gear in this photo: discounting the jetset malamute and the twenty-odd boxes of books that have been following me around for decades, the piano and the brass lamp are venerable voyagers too. The piano and bench have come from Seattle to Sydney to France – a tri-continental pair. 

The lamp has a couple more crossings of the Pacific Ocean in its itinerary. I bought it in LA on a business trip from Sydney, and then took it to Seattle, brought it back to Sydney and now over here. It’s had its lead shortened several times as I re-attach new wall plugs each time it changes continents. This time I’ve been cannier with the wiring and kept a lot of lamps and appliance on their old plugs and simply rewired some extension power boards. That works particularly well for the hifi and computer gear, as well as the items that sit around the piano.

I’m finding that packing everythingmyself is working much better than allowing the moving company to work their wondrously inefficient ways, expanding the volume of my gear so much that I have to pay extra. There’s a bunch of stuff that won’t be returning because it’s not worth the hassle of cleaning them to the degree necessary for Australian import: rugs, outdoor tools, vacuum cleaner etc. I’ve also got a triage list for bigger items of furniture that may be sacrificed if there’s no room in the container.

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