Thursday, February 28, 2013

Paris encore

Munson at Saint-Eustache
And so to Paris. Funny that I’ve been living in France since 2010 and this is my first time here since my two months with Bondi in Feb-April 2006. However it is Gustav’s very first time and a delightful way to close this French chapter.

I’ve booked two nights at a little hotel off Rue Montmartre, close to the Folies Bergere and thus just around the corner from where I studied French every morning at l’ Atelier 9. I pre-booked parking at a garage a few blocks away – that was a bit more confusing, but I think that’s a local art-form (the confusion, not the parking itself).
Once we’ve dropped everything off, the natural thing to do is to wander south down Rue Montmartre, past my old flat and around Les Halles. Once past the familiar street market and in front of L’ Eglise St-Eustache where Bondi played with other dogs of an evening, the Les Halles underground mall is now a big pit in the ground, being redeveloped from the brutal ugliness that was my ‘hood to this vision of green:

There’s also something going on at Notre Dame: a large temporary display building and viewing area sits immediately in front of the cathedral.

Shakespeare and Company P1120803
We try a Starbucks on the left bank for coffee – a manager comes down and tells me off for having Munson in the entrance, and that dogs are prohibited from all cafes in France. I tell him that’s quite hilarious – you’d think he’d never stepped foot in another cafe or restaurant – I mean there are dogs everywhere.GustavMunson-sur-SeineDoes this one taste minty?P1120817
We rested a bit at the hotel in the afternoon – it had been a very tiring few days. In the evening we found a fun pop-art exhibition opening.

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