Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunshine, cheese and day-trips

real sunshine
There may be a broad band of fog across the bottom of the fields, but we can feel real heat from the sunshine landing on our terrace. Our guest Hugh couldn’t have picked a better time to visit this month. We took him out for a survey of the countryside with a drive through Courrensan and Eauze. I’ll very likely only see these places once or twice more before our end of month departure, so my gaze lingers on many details. In towns that have roots going back thousands of years, you see walls that mash-up transient surfaces with ancient bricks. There are probably remnants of painted walls here that are older than European settlements in Australia. It’s a different world.
P1120691 P1120688
P2161701 P2161695
At home we offer refreshments on the terrace. Munson works Hugh over for sausage and cheese treats. The day ends with a dinner party for Brent’s birthday – it’s almost a précis of our life on the farm, simple outdoor pleasures mixed with family gatherings and the spice of a slightly foreign environment to keep you from taking it all for granted.
Munson frolicking in the sun  Greycute, party animal

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