Friday, March 22, 2013

A slower clip

Munson pawsWhether driving, or simply taking the Tube in and out of London, the last few days have been rather hectic. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, I also wake at 6am or earlier and never manage to resume my slumbers. Munson had no such worries after yesterday’s perambulations: he just stretched out and snoozed from the time we got home until dinner time and then went out like a light. In fact on our train journey home he stretched out on the carriage floor and went to sleep on a complete stranger’s feet.

This morning I walked him up to Munson’s Cafe for breakfast, the round trip of forty five minutes being quite enough for both of us. I clipped his claws in advance of his weeks in quarantine, luckily a quick and easy job. Bondi had much larger paws and thicker claws to match. They took more work to keep under control and so I had to keep him distracted with treats while I got the job done. Munson’s finer claws are sharper – noticeable when he gives you a hasty high-five – so I need to trim them more often.

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